Unbreakable with Sherria Reid

Have you ever been successful yet extremely unhappy? Have you worked for a fortune 500 company pouring hours into your career for promotions, deals and trying to find self-worth? Have you ever been challenged to make a decision of family over work? Have you lost a big deal to an associate that cost you millions? […]


The Unbreakable Retreat by Jennifer Dawn Coaching & She Leads Media

Have you ever attended a business coaching retreat? How about a life coaching retreat? How about one that combines both PLUS a Spartan obstacle race? I bet not. Well that is what we have created and have coming up in May in Montana. How exciting right? We present to you the Unbreakable retreat, a 4-day […]


When to Speed Up and When to Slow Down

I’m sure many of you can relate when you have decided to add something on your plate and you put too much pressure on yourself to get it done. You tried to fit too much in your day, stressed yourself out, overwhelmed yourself, and it ended up in you not enjoying the experience at all. […]


Investing in Your Space: The Worth with Michaela Donato

Have you ever tried being productive in a messy room? Did you find it distracting? Have you ever been extra productive when your work station was tidied and organized? It’s no secret that the space you are in influences your state of mind and thus your productivity. When the space we are in makes us […]


From Paralyzed to Stunt Man: John Davis on Resilience

Overcoming adversity is a challenge that every person faces. Inevitably we all have ups and downs, and for some of us, we are faced with something that can truly stop us at our tracks and change the course of our lives. It is in those moments where we can make a choice to either let […]


Embrace Opportunity, Surrender Control for Great Results

When you make plans, life laughs right? How many of you have planned something, set your expectations, have gotten really excited only for the outcome not to be anything like how you’d imagine? Yup, all of us I’m sure. I recently took a trip to Sedona for my husband’s 50th birthday and that happened over […]


Why You’re in The Customer Perception Business with Dr. Kelly Henry

Today’s topic is so important in having a successful and thriving business, customer service. I am joined by my guest, Dr. Kelly Henry. Dr. Henry, aka the Customer Service Doctor, was an award-winning chiropractor for 20 years where he helped his patients live healthier lives with the foundation of providing exceptional customer service. Since 2018, […]


Want To Be Happier? Here’s The Science Behind It with Scott Crabtree

How can I be happier? How do I bring in more happiness into my everyday life? What is the key to happiness? Let’s tackle that question with science.  In today’s episode, I am joined by Scott Crabtree who is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Brain Science. Their mission is to foster productivity, […]


Never a Victim, Always a Victor with Jessica Sinclair

Everybody loves a comeback story, right? I certainly do. Well get ready to hear one of the most powerful comeback stories I have ever heard. Childhood abuse, poverty, divorced parents, pregnant at 16. Cut to Class President, graduating in the 10% of her class as a teenage mom while working a part-time job, then getting […]


3 Habits of the Happiest and Most Productive People with Rick Heyland

Did you know that those living with purpose are 32% happier? Did you know that the happiest and most productive people share the same 3 habits? And did you know that asking yourself 7 questions can help you uncover your life’s purpose? These were all topics I discussed with my special guest in today’s episode: […]


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