Unbreakable with Sherria Reid
April 25, 2022

Unbreakable with Sherria Reid

Have you ever been successful yet extremely unhappy? Have you worked for a fortune 500 company pouring hours into your career for promotions, deals and trying to find self-worth? Have you ever been challenged to make a decision of family over work? Have you lost a big deal to an associate that cost you millions?

Do you have a traumatic backstory holding you back?

Good decisions. You are making bad decisions on top of good decisions. You are harming your family with being stuck in this negative whirlwind of things you cannot change. If you have been or dealt with any of the above, then this podcast is for you no matter what stage of the game you are at in your career or life. 

It never ceases to amaze me how you can meet a strong, powerful woman and be like, wow, she is really amazing. Then when you hear the stories and what they’ve been through, and I actually find that sometimes the people with the biggest smiles on their face have had the most traumatic stories and had to have had to overcome the most and they have a smile on their face because they choose to have a smile on their face. They have known that other side.

You need to realize that your past affects your present, but also your future. If the pains, the suffering, and the trauma of your past are holding you back from what you could be out in the world doing, living, and achieving… then tune in to hear quick help on how to

  • Learn strategies and therapy
  • Learn not to take on other people problems
  • Learn out to manage life-work balance
  • Learn out to find happiness amid negativities.

Finally, learn to let it go, loose the victim mentality and breakthrough the pains and doing whatever it is that we are doing to cope with the feelings, because we do not want to feel the pain or expose the trauma. 

When you decide that you are not going to be a victim, part of that decision is deciding to work on yourself, being willing to feel the things you need to feel to be UNBREAKABLE.

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