Program Pillars


Coaching authors towards the successful completion and publication of their book.


Leading authors towards achieving their ultimate goal of bringing their book to life.


Providing authors with a clear and actionable roadmap for navigating the writing and publishing process.


Empowering authors to progress steadily towards their book’s completion and publication.


Unlock Your Author Potential

Remember that time when you dreamed about writing a book?

The team here at Jennifer Dawn Coaching is here to help make that dream a reality.

You see, we know that writing a book can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re facing challenges like figuring out what to write about, navigating endless rewrites, and struggling with cover formatting. But here’s the thing—we’re here to help you overcome those obstacles and make your book dreams a reality.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Author’s Accelerator Program—a supportive community designed specifically for aspiring authors like you. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve already got a few chapters under your belt, our program is here to provide the guidance, motivation, and accountability you need to keep pushing forward.

But here’s what sets us apart – we’re not just focused on the writing process itself. We’re all about helping you find joy in every step of your journey. From celebrating your wins to helping you navigate the inevitable challenges with a smile on your face, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Ready to take the next step and turn your book dream into a reality?

With the Author Accelerator Program, you’ll receive comprehensive support at a fraction of the cost of traditional publishing. Our team of experts will guide you through writing, editing, cover design, marketing, and more.

Are you ready? Let’s chat about how we can help you put your book into the someone else’s hands.

Meet Your Coaches


Douglas Robbins

Doug’s journey as a writer began with a pivotal moment in high school, where a teacher encouraged him to craft a poem, sparking Doug’s creativity. This transformative experience laid the foundation for Doug’s path as a writer. Doug has navigated through various jobs throughout his life, contributing to his growth. However, storytelling emerged as his true calling. Throughout his work, the consistent thread remains—a focus on characters undergoing personal growth, navigating life’s complexities, and embracing introspective narratives that resonate deeply with dreamers and knowledge seekers.


Carrie Le Chevallier

Carrie Le Chevallier is an accomplished professional with a diverse background. From her experience as an assistant at Karl Lorimar Entertainment to studies in World Religion and teaching at San Diego State University, Carrie has built a solid foundation.Her achievements extend to Whole Foods Market, where she received multiple All-Star awards for her marketing contributions. Most recently, Carrie’s journey led her to the captivating world of books. As the Marketing Director for Dudley Court Press, she expanded the department, working closely with authors to create their personal brands. Her expertise in the publishing industry contributed to the success of numerous authors and their works.


Jennifer Dawn coaches business owners and their teams to go from overwhelmed to laser-focused, escape the hamster wheel of constant “doing” and build an unstoppable mindset to manifest their boldest business vision. She’s the founder of Jennifer Dawn Coaching, creator of Best Planner Ever, and author of two books,  The Joy Guide: Finding Your Joy In A World of Crap, and The Apple Stand: How To Rekindle The Love for Your Business. Jennifer is a Profit First certified coach and host of the Happy Productive podcast. She began her entrepreneurial career at age 8 selling apples off her grandfather’s tree because a lemonade stand was so “yesterday”.

What to Expect

  • Weekly accountability calls for feedback and support.
  • A clear roadmap for your writing and publishing journey.
  • Flexibility to go at your own pace with month to month support.
  • The confidence to share their message with the world, backed by expert support and a proven framework for success.

Join us in the Author Accelerator and take the first step toward making your book a reality.

Author Accelerator Details

  • Total clarity on writing and marketing your book so we all know where you stand in the process. We’ll identify your strengths, pinpoint areas of growth, and explore all opportunities, giving you the accountability to put your book in readers hands.
  • A personalized roadmap – your action plan. There will be no guesswork, you will receive step-by-step instructions and support to organize tasks, address questions, and utilize your strengths throughout the entire process creating an impactful and passionate book.
  • Guidance and support from our expert team of coaches to execute your goals and overcome any obstacles that come your way. Expect to feel inspired and empowered to make your book dreams a reality.
  • The confidence and motivation to share your message with the world, backed by expert support and a proven framework for success.

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