Embrace Opportunity, Surrender Control for Great Results
June 07, 2021

Embrace Opportunity, Surrender Control for Great Results

When you make plans, life laughs right? How many of you have planned something, set your expectations, have gotten really excited only for the outcome not to be anything like how you’d imagine? Yup, all of us I’m sure. I recently took a trip to Sedona for my husband’s 50th birthday and that happened over and over. But that experience inspired this episode because in that trip I had to truly embrace the art of the pivot.

Life will always never go according to plan, and when that happens we can either sulk and play the victim card, or we can embrace that as an opportunity to surrender and pivot. The latter will always yield greater results, guaranteed. When we surrender we let go of our need to control everything. We are able to relax and open ourselves to other outcomes we may not even have thought of. When we pivot we change our focus on what did not work into what could work instead. It’s these decisions and mental shifts that can lead to great results, both in your personal and professional life. 

So join me in this episode, where I share how I surrendered and pivoted in Sedona (over and over), while I also discuss how to spot opportunities to pivot, what surrender means and does not mean, and how you can get back into flow when things don’t go your way.


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