Get Organized & Focused With A Dedicated Accountability Coach

An endless to-do list comes with running a business. It’s a given.

But the unfocused, disorganized overwhelm doesn’t have to be part of the process.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with missing self-imposed deadlines or giving up projects halfway through because you lack the motivation to keep going, then Accountability Coaching is for you.

At Jennifer Dawn Coaching, we understand the high standards you set for yourself because we have them, too. We’ve helped hundreds of executives and business owners beat procrastination and supported them on each step of their journey to success. We’ve even earned the distinction of being selected as a top Accountability Coach by

Our Accountability Coaches provide you with the essential strategies to set and reach your long-term goals – without being overwhelmed!

Hiring an expert Accountability Coach gives you a built-in cheerleader. We guide you through the steps you need to take to reach the goals you set for yourself.

Never again feel alone in trying to get things done. Follow through and commit to the action steps to get you across the finish line.

If you’re committed to maximizing your productivity, improving clarity and focus, and you’re ready to see real results, take the first step in unlocking your full potential with our expert Accountability Coaches.

With Us On Your Team, You Can Expect:


Expert Guidance

Never feel like you’re doing it alone. Stay motivated and committed to your action items with support from our highly qualified Accountability Coaches.


Proven Results

Reach your highest standards with an Accountability Coach and implement the essential strategies to improve overall performance.


Clarity & Focus

Use our powerful planning, daily action tools, and proven accountability coaching strategies to focus on specific, measurable, and realistic goals.


A Winning Mindset

Clear the clutter and blocks in your mind and rewire your mindset for success.


Kick Procrastination to the Curb With a Dedicated Accountability Coach

At Jennifer Dawn Coaching, we help you win the day – every day. With a highly trained Accountability Coach by your side, you can expect to tap into the control and motivation needed to succeed.

We help you tackle obstacles so you can say goodbye to missed deadlines and abandoned projects. Leave the feeling of never following through in the past.

Our Accountability Coaches get to know your unique business goals to offer you personalized support where you need it most. You’re never a number at Jennifer Dawn Coaching.

We give you the tools and strategies to commit and follow through on your dreams without sacrificing your free time or values.

By hiring a Jennifer Dawn Accountability Coach, you will:

  • Set specific, measurable, and realistic goals you can actually achieve
  • Work through limiting beliefs and rewire your mindset for success
  • Take action on important tasks
  • Implement the proven strategies that have helped hundreds of business owners follow through and succeed
  • Strengthen your focus and discipline to propel yourself forward in business and life

Accountability Coaching Is the Key to Success Here’s Proof

“I like the model Julie has shared and when I spend time on it I see the benefits. And Julie has to play shrink with me a bit which I like and need. 🙂  Found an advocate for my mindset and growth in Julie.  I am getting ordered in priority and thinking.”

— Steve, Real Estate Leader, Colorado

“I became more consistent in terms of accountability, and I am taking action based on my prioritization in annual or long-term vision. I wake up early and I became more logical, rational in life. I give more time to my family. I use CTFA model whenever I feel overwhelmed, and I could improve my EQ. I showed little bit of improvement in results in the prioritized areas. I am having better control over my circumstances. (When asked: What is the biggest value you’ve received from coaching?) Consistency, Rationality, Prioritization, Alignment, Action and Task orientation and little bit of improvement in Profit.”

— Sabbir, CEO, Bangladesh

“I have created a vision statement for 5 areas of my life (physical, money, work, love, give back)- I have created my belief tree to help me to accomplish my vision and I have created goals to help me accomplish my vision. I have created actions to help me accomplish my goals and I have created 90day goals and actions to keep me focused on my vision. I win daily by doing my power challenge (5 for 15) and calling into Focus50. I accomplished my vision of preaching in church. (When asked: What is the biggest value you’ve received from coaching?) Accountability, clarity, and emotional support. I’m getting back rhythm for my life and I’m so excited.”

— Chinyere, CEO, Nigeria/Texas

“The podcast and website and brand, brand voice, niche and marketing practices. Focus when drifting off course and kindness when needed, bless!”

— Dannielle, Coach, Vancouver

“My mindset has improved. I’m now seeing less of the negative thought patterns. My bad habits are now subsiding. Feeling freed from my past relationships. Moving from victim mindset to growth mindset.”

— Taher, Software Developer/Coder, Kuwait

“Growing each day and created the momentum I always wanted. Slowly growing my business and getting the confidence I needed. The momentum of Time Management. I always have my Plan now and am very happy about it. Julie helped me feel unstoppable and stepped up in my goal by following the plan each day and creating a discipline and rhythm.”

— Laura, Sales Executive, Switzerland

“I feel like I am voicing more of what I want, and I am listening to what he says.   I am becoming more aware of what I want from a relationship instead of settling or just not paying attention. (When asked: What is the biggest value you’ve received from coaching?) I feel like it is moving me forward.  I think my perception has changed also.  And I am controlling my emotions so I can talk and listen to him.   I have been stuck for so long.”

— Michelle, Financial Advisor, Texas

Program Details

Our Accountability Coaching includes:


The Perfect Match

We’ll pair you with one of our highly-qualified Accountability Coaches who is committed to helping you achieve your unique goals.


Work with Clarity & Purpose

Exclusive online workshops in the Coaching Academy guide you step-by-step through setting powerful goals with vision plus a private 1-hour session with your Accountability Coach to flush out your goals and vision in greater detail.


Weekly Check-ins

Private weekly check-ins with your accountability coach to ensure you’re getting the support needed to stay accountable.


Develop Your Skills

We develop the whole person because we know your emotional, mental, and physical well-being impacts your business potential. Gain instant access to our safe and supportive Coaching Academy platform which includes monthly live workshops, over 20 online courses, exclusive discounts on our best productivity tools, and more.


Unlimited Support

With unlimited email feedback and support from your Accountability Coach, you’ll get help when you need it most.


Accountability Coaching For Serious Goal-Getters

Accountability coaching may not solve all your problems, but it will get you a lot closer than your last 3am Google search.

Plus, we always want to lock you in to a long-term winning partnership.

  • Get ready to grow faster than a Chia Pet with our motivation and support. No watering required.
  • Challenges, schmallenges. With our expertise by your side, there is no hurdle you can’t overcome.
  • Time is money and we are here to help you make it rain.
  • Develop a holistic and well-rounded business skillset. It’s like a perfect ball of dough – except this dough turns into a lot more dough.

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