Why You’re in The Customer Perception Business with Dr. Kelly Henry
May 24, 2021

Why You’re in The Customer Perception Business with Dr. Kelly Henry

Today’s topic is so important in having a successful and thriving business, customer service. I am joined by my guest, Dr. Kelly Henry. Dr. Henry, aka the Customer Service Doctor, was an award-winning chiropractor for 20 years where he helped his patients live healthier lives with the foundation of providing exceptional customer service. Since 2018, Dr. Henry has used his system to coach business leaders on improving customer service to create incredible growth and profits. 

These days without happy customers a business simply cannot survive. You can have an excelled product or service, a kick-ass team, and have everything you need to run a successful business but if your customers are not happy, you will simply not survive. On the flip side, customer retention, customer loyalty, and customers leaving positive reviews or better yet spreading the word about your business could keep you afloat even in difficult times. We definitely saw that during Covid. 

With Dr. Kelly we discussed the challenges and methods used to provide exceptional customer service. We talk about the importance of going through your own customer service by being your own customer and putting yourself in their shoes, how to adopt a service mentality, how to deal with negative customer feedback and why you should look at customer service as an investment.

For those business owners out there, you’ll love this episode!



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