Systematize your business for maximum efficiency

Do you need help organizing your systems and processes?

Maybe you’ve outgrown Google Sheets and need a better solution.

Without streamlined processes, it’s only too easy for things to fall through the cracks costing you valuable time and money.

It’s time to change that, and Jennifer Dawn Coaching has the perfect answer.

We have a dedicated team of certified Trainual® consultants ready to go to work for you.

We structure, organize, and optimize your company processes using the Trainual® software platform.

Onboard new employees or re-train current staff for maximum efficiency and results in the click of a button.

How we improve your business with Trainual®:


Faster Employee Onboarding

Build a productive and successful team with the click of a button. Hiring and onboarding new team members are a necessary part of growing your business. Take the stress off yourself and your team by automating the onboarding process. Not only will the process be more thorough and accurate, new hires have the tools and knowledge to succeed and excel in their role.

  • Complete and thorough onboarding
  • Automate the employee manual
  • No team time is wasted
  • New hires get up and running faster

Learning Management + Training

In-depth training leads to an employee’s success and enables your company to excel. Trainual® makes it simple with all training materials stored in a central location that’s easily accessible making it simple to promote, change teams, or assign new responsibilities. With Trainual® organize, schedule, and track each employee’s training or onboarding, no matter the role. The learning management system built into Trainual® holds your employees accountable for assigned modules and frees up your time to focus on other essential tasks. Identify gaps where training can be improved and simplify the training process for remote employees.


Company Policies + Procedures

Hard copies of employee handbooks can quickly become damaged or lost, and it can be difficult to make updates without having to complete a full reprint. The Trainual® software is a digital location for you to store your employee handbook, so it’s easily accessible by employees at any time. This alleviates the need for hard copies and eases the editorial process, but you can also track which employees have reviewed these essential materials in full.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Have all your SOPs in one convenient location. Trainual® not only does that, but additional features enable you to create and design SOPs that are missing. Whether you’re working with a new hire or a long-established employee, thorough SOPs standardize your best practices, capture your breadth of knowledge, and maintain consistency throughout your entire company.


Process Documentation

With Trainual®, document and outline company processes and keep them organized in one centralized location. Thorough documentation makes delegating tasks more manageable and enhances your company’s overall success:

  • Improve internal communication
  • Streamline processes and procedures
  • Fine tune project management
  • Speed up onboarding and training
  • Strengthen customer relationships

What’s the Investment?

To start using Trainual®, purchase the software for your business HERE. Then, we set everything up at an hourly rate based on your company’s unique needs and quantity of training materials.

Business Coaching Works. Here’s Proof

Jennifer helped me take my company from losing money to being profitable by holding me accountable for my actions. The first thing we did was setup priorities and goals to where I wanted to go then we reviewed expenses and cut out the non-essentials. For anyone thinking about working with Jennifer in any capacity my advice would be If you want to move your company forward you need to take action with Jennifer. She is a lifesaver!


The first call I had with Jennifer I was in tears. I felt so overwhelmed, ashamed and ignorant. I had been ignoring the financial side of my business for years because I didn’t even know where to start. I felt like a bad business owner. Jennifer was everything I needed and more. I can’t describe what it feels like to feel in charge and in control of my business. Now I can continue to offer incredible service to my patients and clients AND I can experience financial rewards and feel reassured about the stability and sustainability of my business. I am incredibly grateful for Jennifer, her patience, her guidance and her coaching to get me to that next level as an entrepreneur. I highly recommend Jennifer – you will be so glad you invested in this powerful coaching for long term success!


“Thanks to the Profit First course, every dollar my online store brings in is now carefully divided and earmarked for a specific purpose.” “It was like I was working in the dark and then Jennifer came in and turned on the lights for me! Thanks again for sharing your invaluable tools.”

— Lynne Cimino

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