When to Speed Up and When to Slow Down
October 04, 2021

When to Speed Up and When to Slow Down

I’m sure many of you can relate when you have decided to add something on your plate and you put too much pressure on yourself to get it done. You tried to fit too much in your day, stressed yourself out, overwhelmed yourself, and it ended up in you not enjoying the experience at all. I’ve been there, believe me. 

There’s nothing wrong in having big goals and pushing yourself, but when you are just going through the motions, you can sometimes feel like a robot in the process. Or when you are going so fast to keep up with others, it can become a miserable experience. This happened to me recently. I put a lot of pressure on myself and I pushed myself so hard that it robbed the joy out of the experience. 

In this solo episode I share 2 anecdotes of experiences that taught me the importance of going at your own pace. Owning your pace also allows you to own your joy, and if there is no joy in what you are doing, I recommend you to pay attention. This is an indication that something has to change. I also share questions you can ask yourself when you need to speed up or when you need to slow down. These will help you see clearly and recalibrate where needed so that your joy can come back. With the right clarity, you can take the right action towards the direction you want to move, whether that is bumping your pace up or bringing your pace down.


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