Jennifer helped me take my company from losing money to being profitable by holding me accountable for my actions. The first thing we did was setup priorities and goals to where I wanted to go then we reviewed expenses and cut out the non-essentials. For anyone thinking about working with Jennifer in any capacity my advice would be If you want to move your company forward you need to take action with Jennifer. She is a lifesaver!


The first call I had with Jennifer I was in tears. I felt so overwhelmed, ashamed and ignorant. I had been ignoring the financial side of my business for years because I didn’t even know where to start. I felt like a bad business owner. Jennifer was everything I needed and more. I can’t describe what it feels like to feel in charge and in control of my business. Now I can continue to offer incredible service to my patients and clients AND I can experience financial rewards and feel reassured about the stability and sustainability of my business. I am incredibly grateful for Jennifer, her patience, her guidance and her coaching to get me to that next level as an entrepreneur. I highly recommend Jennifer – you will be so glad you invested in this powerful coaching for long term success!


“Thanks to the Profit First course, every dollar my online store brings in is now carefully divided and earmarked for a specific purpose.” “It was like I was working in the dark and then Jennifer came in and turned on the lights for me! Thanks again for sharing your invaluable tools.”

— Lynne Cimino

To Book Jennifer

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Speaking Topics

  • 5 Effective Ways to Meet Any Goal Without Fail
  • How 1 Question Changed the Course of My Life Forever
  • 3 Surprising Ways Your Daily Planner is Causing You to Fail
  • How My Client Went From Losing $20k a Month to a Net Profit of $300,000 in Only 11 Months
  • The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make Over and Over Again and How To Fix It For Good
  • To Thrive in Business Today You Need This 1 Thing

Workshop Topics

  • Productivity Boot Camp
  • Top To Bottom Profits

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