Increase Your Profits Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Through over 20 years of business ownership, I’ve grown my companies well past the million-dollar mark and have helped hundreds of other businesses do the same.

Profit First is hands down the best money management and profitability tool I’ve ever used.

I use Profit First in my own businesses – and encourage all my clients to implement it – because the method is simple to understand, easy to use, and the results are indisputable.

I’m proud to say I am the only professional coach asked to launch the original Mastery Program for Profit First with creator Mike Michalowicz.

This means I’m uniquely qualified to guide you through the proven Profit First method to increase your business profitability from day one.

I’ve worked with clients on the brink of bankruptcy, and sick of living check-to-check, turn things around, get out of debt, and make better financial decisions.

People afraid to glance at their finances because they don’t understand them or are too embarrassed to face failure have found relief and renewed confidence through my Profit First coaching program

Let me help you do the same. Let’s change your business and your life today.


What Is the Profit First Method

Profit First Coaching

Profit First is a shockingly effective and simple strategy that takes a burning-through-cash business and transforms it into a consistent money-making machine.

Created by Mike Michalowicz, the Profit First system highlights why the GAAP accounting method isn’t intuitive to the way your brain works. The GAAP method traps entrepreneurs like you into a panic-driven cycle of operating check-to-check instead of ensuring your business is profitable today.

The Profit First method is the easiest and smartest way to ensure your business becomes wildly and permanently profitable from your very next deposit forward.


Is the Profit First Method Right for You?

The Profit First method has a 100% success rate for all businesses committed to implementing the system. Sticking with the Profit First method can be a challenge at first, which is why we created the Profit First Coaching program.

As a Profit First Certified Coach, I use a 90-day Fast Start strategy to get you started on the method to help you see results fast. You’ll find instant relief as we implement simple Profit First strategies to help kickstart your successful financial journey.

After our first 90 days together implementing the Profit First method, we’ll enter the 90-day Optimization phase to help you navigate any challenges and ensure you are consistently driving profits.

The right time to start with the Profit First method is today. At Jennifer Dawn Coaching, we know business owners like you can struggle with understanding financial statements and making a financial plan.

Let us help.

Profit First is an extremely simple method that guarantees you profitability without spending countless hours digging through your financial statements.

Imagine having complete clarity on your financial picture and making money decisions quickly and confidently.

With Profit First, you’ll ditch the panic when it’s time to look at numbers and finally assess your financials with a sense of ease and excitement.

Experience what it feels like to maximize your profits by your next deposit.

With an expert Profit First coach on your side, Jennifer Dawn Coaching ensures you’ll get started quickly – no lengthy consultation process before you get started.

We’ll implement a few changes to your cash management system following the Profit First method, and you’ll start increasing profitability from day one.

Ready to transform your finances?


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