From Paralyzed to Stunt Man: John Davis on Resilience
July 26, 2021

From Paralyzed to Stunt Man: John Davis on Resilience

Overcoming adversity is a challenge that every person faces. Inevitably we all have ups and downs, and for some of us, we are faced with something that can truly stop us at our tracks and change the course of our lives. It is in those moments where we can make a choice to either let our circumstances define us or to get back up and keep moving forward.

This decision was presented to John Davis when at 22 years old, he broke his spine in half, was paralyzed, and was told by doctors that he may not walk again and that for sure he would not have a physical career. That event was a pivotal moment in John’s life because he decided that he would change his belief system around what he would achieve, regardless of what others told him. After receiving a life-changing book by Bruce Lee from a friend, he decided he would become a stunt man and a fight director and do everything he set his mind to. 

With John’s tenacity and ability to use his mindset to propel him forward, he went on to live the life of an action hero. He’s been a professional fight director, a stunt man for stage and screen. He’s an artistic director of three regional theme parks, a sword-fighting comedian, a motivational speaker, an author, and a coach. He’s also taken his inspirational message to 16 countries around the world, including the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan, on 6 USO tours.

John did not let others decide what he could do. He took matters into his own hands and trained his mind (and body) to do what HE decided to do. In this episode, he shares his proven 5F method for overcoming adversity, the words John took out of his vocabulary to get out of bed after breaking his spine, how to use the power of the present moment, why you need to focus on the small successes to get to the big goals, and so much more. 

You definitely don’t want to miss this one. For a special free gift John is giving our audience, his 5F workbook, click on this link, and check him out at


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