Happiness Shortcuts to Try Today with Anthony Poponi
March 01, 2021

Happiness Shortcuts to Try Today with Anthony Poponi

Opportunities for happiness are all around us.” In today’s episode, I have a wonderful discussion around happiness with Anthony Poponi, who is on a mission to reclaim joy in workplaces and communities by inspiring leaders to foster community, spark laughter, and create a culture of motivation and authentic happiness. Anthony shares the same passion I do in making this world a happier place. So how exactly do we do that?

 Many people get in the wrong in thinking that success leads to happiness. However, it’s been proven that it’s the other way around, it’s the happiness that drives success. Making that mind shift is the first step. Then reframing your mindset around what happiness really is, incorporating daily gratitude practices, and overcoming limiting beliefs can help you find more happiness in your everyday life.

So join me in this episode where we deep dive into how you can incorporate more happiness into your life today.

You can find Anthony at wwww.anthonypoponi.com



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