Boosting Work From Home Productivity with Lori Baker-Schena
February 22, 2021

Boosting Work From Home Productivity with Lori Baker-Schena

I have worked from home for so many years that the current situation for many is quite normal for me. However, I have so many clients who are struggling staying motivated while working from home since this is not what they are used to at all.  Keeping motivation and keeping productivity high is the topic I deep dive into this week’s episode.

I am joined by a special guest, Lori Baker-Schena, a leadership coach and professional speaker who works with business owners and entrepreneurs all across the country to increase their business by enhancing employee satisfaction.

Lori and I discuss what you need to do to ensure you stay productive while working from home. Some of the tips we discuss include setting boundaries, having a consistent routine, why you should plan your breaks, having a strength and gratitude journal, time blocking, and focusing on all the benefits of working from home (even if you don’t like to).

Join me in this great episode which I know will help so many of you out there!

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