Being Happy is a Forgotten Birthright with Dr. Marissa Pei
February 08, 2022

Being Happy is a Forgotten Birthright with Dr. Marissa Pei

Many of us live in a constant state of turmoil, overwhelm, and stress. We are bombarded by the voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, we shouldn’t have done that, we are stuck in a memory of the past that caused us pain, etc. In fact, as high as 94% of people are carrying some sort of trauma that prevents them from being truly happy.

Today’s guest is on a mission to help people see that although pain is inevitable, suffering is absolutely optional. She is here to remind us all that happiness is our birthright, we have just forgotten how to access it. Dr. Marissa is a media personality and award-winning CNBC syndicated talk show host and producer, number-one best-selling author, inspirational speaker, organizational psychologist, filmmaker, broadcast journalist, life balance coach, a retired professor, and lounge lizard.

In this jam packed episode, Dr. Marissa deep dives into the ways in which we block our happiness, and she reminds us that we always have the choice to be happy (a personal motto of mine). She shares with us a must-do morning and night practice that will help you access more gratitude and happiness, how to begin approving ourselves, and her 21 Day Fast from Complaining challenge which can help you develop a new habit that will bring more happiness into your life.


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