The Unbreakable Retreat by Jennifer Dawn Coaching & She Leads Media
February 14, 2022

The Unbreakable Retreat by Jennifer Dawn Coaching & She Leads Media

Have you ever attended a business coaching retreat? How about a life coaching retreat? How about one that combines both PLUS a Spartan obstacle race? I bet not. Well that is what we have created and have coming up in May in Montana. How exciting right? We present to you the Unbreakable retreat, a 4-day retreat brought to you by Jennifer Dawn Coaching and She Leads Media. This is an exclusive retreat for female business owners to get clarity, build, confidence and push beyond your limits. 

In this super special episode I am joined by three wonderful women – Adrienne Garland, founder of She Leads Media and marketing strategist, Julie Moses, our vision, goal and accountability coach, and Alesha Burkeen, our health and fitness coach and marketing manager (and my sister!). All of these ladies will join me at the Unbreakable Retreat in May – how exciting!

In this jam packed episode we share with you our history with fitness and how much that has played a role in who we have become today, how we developed our mental toughness, our fitness trial and errors and of course what you can expect from our super exciting Unbreakable Retreat!


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