September 09, 2023


Over the past month, my coach has helped me make huge strides with launching my podcast, developing my website, clarifying my brand voice, and honing my niche and marketing approach. I’ve been able to bring so much focus and clarity to my business foundations.

The biggest value has been having an empathetic coach to provide direction when I drift off track and encouragement when I need kindness. It’s allowed me to progress rapidly.

In the next 30 days, my focus is nailing down my product specifics first before diving fully into sales and marketing activities. My coach will keep me focused here.

If you’re looking to gain clarity and consistency around your brand, products, and marketing, I highly recommend working with Julie. The progress I’ve made is truly invaluable.


Jennifer Dawn


Jennifer Dawn has grown two multimillion dollar businesses and now mentors others to do the same. She is one of the select few nationwide Profit First and Provendus Growth Academy Certified coaches…

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