September 09, 2023


I’ve made tremendous progress over the last 30 days with Julie’s support. I’ve created a clear vision and goals across all areas of my life – physical, financial, career, relationships, and giving back.

My coach has provided accountability, clarity, and encouragement that I needed to regain rhythm and consistency. I now start each day doing my ‘5 for 15’ power challenge to stay focused.

The biggest value has been achieving clarity in my vision. I’ve built out my belief tree and action plans that will allow me to accomplish ambitious 90-day goals. I’ve already realized my vision of preaching in church!

In the next 30 days, my focus is consistency in winning daily through disciplined completion of my ‘5 for 15’ ritual, no excuses. My coach will hold me accountable to this.

If you need accountability, clarity, and rhythm to accomplish your big vision, I highly recommend working with Julie on Jennifer’s team.


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