Take Your Business In For A Check-Up
January 23, 2020

Take Your Business In For A Check-Up

You might be taking better care of your car than your business. Despite your best intentions, it’s possible that your car gets more of your attention. It’s time to think about getting your business in for service.

It’s true, cars are important and protect our lives, but we should be paying at least as much attention to our livelihoods. When was the last time you took your business in for routine maintenance?

For a moment, just think about the engine of your car. There are many parts to the engine that require inspection – spark plugs, injectors, and pistons are just a few. However, everyone knows that an engine will seize without oil, so it doesn’t make sense to check your spark plugs but ignore your oil tank. Therefore, when you take your car in for a service inspection, they focus on more than just the engine.

This is the reason for a business inspection by a Business Coach – there’s more to look at than you suspect. Sure, you’re watching your expenses and balancing against your profits, growing your margin and researching your market share. It may feel like you’re taking care of things, but in reality, there are many holes where cash slips out.

You may be losing more money than you know.

If you’re only focusing on the engine of your business—product out, profits in—as a way to assess your success, progress, and health, then you are missing the rest of the system, the other parts that affect profits just as much. Coaches are the experts who can see the whole system, the engine and the oil tank, the gas tank and the brakes, etc. They spread the focus to include everything.

As a matter of fact, I’ve identified 45 points along the way that can affect your cash flow. With my ability to see the whole picture and help you figure out where to plug holes or cut expenses, we can keep your engine from seizing.

Don’t wait until your tank is dry.

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