How Positive Thinking Can Become A Power Source For Your Business
June 01, 2018

How Positive Thinking Can Become A Power Source For Your Business

Business theory is pretty practical so there isn’t much occasion for thinking about the Universe and meaning of life. However, the two could not be more connected! In business, the fundamental purpose hinges on a transaction. Whether it’s a deal, a bargain, a sale, or a trade, business works when one person gives and another takes.

Well, the Universe works that way too; science, nature, and life exist in a state of give-and-take, and if you begin to understand the role your efforts make in a bigger picture, then you can reap the benefits from changing your thinking. It’s really about creating a state of mind from which you operate and direct your actions. If you think it, then you be it. Want to be successful? Think it!

No, not instant success and poof! you’re a rock star; think positively, act accordingly, and you will generate this outcome.

The Power Of Thought

Business coaching systems understand the connection between mind, actions, and outcome.  It stands to reason that the more you think about doing better, the more conscious you will become about your ability to act better, and therefore the more you will actually achieve better and more accomplishments. If you put it out there that you want more, then you will be open to receiving more.

Some circles recognize this as the Law of Attraction: you bring to you that which you send out. So, the more your thoughts are aligned to your goals, the more your actions come from this place of alignment, and the more outcomes resonate with your alignment, then you are demonstrating The Law Of Attraction.

It Takes An Effort To Make An Effort

Just because we want something doesn’t make it happen all by itself —we must use this desire as motivation and inspiration to stay open to the opportunities that come our way so that we can make it happen by taking inspired action.

Every effort, every action, and every thought should be toward achieving that which you want. Only when you are fully committed will the Law Of Attraction take effect. This thought effort will inspire the actions that create your success. You still physically put the effort into your business, but all of the thought behind those actions will be subject to the Law of Attraction, pulling your goals towards you.

How To Apply The Law of Attraction

It may take some digging to truly reach the desire that you hold in your heart. Okay, you want success, but success is subjective. What does that mean to you? Is success the ability to retire and travel to tropical islands, or is success getting home before dinner to see your family? Is it money? If so, then keep digging—what does money mean to you? Opportunity to go places, choice of lifestyle, or power of prestige? Those are the emotions that will guide your actions and determine the outcomes.

Start simply by allowing yourself to connect to your business goals. That’s where a great coach can help you identify those goals and develop a deep level of commitment to that goal, not just a sense that it would be nice to fulfill for the business. These are the goals that tie to purpose, passion, and meaning for your business. Identify what you want and put forth as much positive thought around it and you’ll leverage the Law of Attraction to power your business.



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