Getting Results – Profit Coaches Drive Success
May 07, 2018

Getting Results – Profit Coaches Drive Success

Let me ask:  Are you driven?  – Data-driven?? This techy buzz word has gained momentum because it essentially puts the proof in the pudding; data determines the level of success for your efforts. Data shows a clear, irrefutable pathway that lets me know when I’m on the right path – or wrong path. Data allows me to shift and adjust if necessary.

At the end of the day, it’s really all about the results.

As a profit first coach, I am passionate about results. The whole purpose of my work is to help clients achieve success, and I know it works. But, do you?

Studies exist that point out the relationship between successful entrepreneurs who work with a small business coach. The data shows that business coaching mentoring is effective and worthwhile. “Statistics on business coaching have proved that using a business coach can increase your profit margin by an average of 46 percent”[1] .

Implementing Change

One of the biggest factors I see as a result of working with a profit coach is change. There is a transformation in progress that helps you get from point A to point B – and have success in areas where you previously struggled. Generating change to bring your business to a higher-achieving plateau is where a skilled coach excels. Without question there is a distinct difference before and after profit coaching.

“Like a sports coach, a business coach’s job is to help you develop the skills and resources you need in order to be successful” [2]. My primary role is to create change so that you can manage your business better, smarter, stronger, or any descriptor that matches your unique need. A profit coach assesses your needs and develops targeted business mentoring to address them.

Further Develop Existing Management Skills

Gone are the days when consulting a business or life coach carried the stigma of some character flaw that needed ‘fixing’. Coaching is not repair work! As a profit coach, I am available to bring out the best in you—you already possess greatness, but the demands of running a business can obscure or cloud your point of view.

My vantage point allows distance and a new perspective to see the whole picture of your business and guide you within this vision – your vision. “By allowing an external perceptive in you gain the opportunity to receive guidance and advice you may not have conceived to look for”1.

The result of our work gives you the skills and tools to access your own strengths. “Executive coaches . . . encourage the highest actions by communicating whether potential changes are low or high in leverage”[3]. It’s already within you, and my business coaching mentoring reveals your ability and harnesses your full potential.

Achieving Breakthroughs

At the end of the day, your work should demonstrate progress—you should be getting somewhere. Feeling stuck or getting stuck, lacking success or profits, is a sign of trouble. The results of working with a profit first coach are demonstrable because you will see breakthroughs. There are benchmarks that signify your progress – more clients, higher profits, and less stress.

It’s a numbers game, and the numbers point to the merits of working with a small business coach to get results:  for participants in business coaching mentoring, 62.4% experienced smarter goal-setting, 60.5% achieved a more balanced life, and 57.1% reported lower stress levels1.

So while I believe in the important work of small business coaching, I am further driven by the data that proves it’s worthwhile and valid. Together, we can make a difference in your business and get results!

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To your success!

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