How Can You Benefit From Micro-Coaching?
February 08, 2022

How Can You Benefit From Micro-Coaching?

Have your professional meetings been leaving you feeling uninspired? You’re not alone. As business and technology continue to change, it’s imperative to adapt and modify old ways of working.

It’s time to say goodbye to tired old meeting styles and say hello to micro-coaching.

Micro-coaching is the solution to tired, traditional long-form meetings. By switching to a short and sometimes impromptu meeting style, you can improve workflow, address concerns as they develop, and unlock your potential. It also helps foster a genuine human connection.

If you’re feeling stuck and craving some clarity, adding micro-coaching to the mix can help you achieve your professional goals.

What Is Micro-Coaching?

Instead of having one sixty-minute coaching session with your boss each month, you could have three five-minute informal coaching sessions each week. The first plan fits more closely with traditional business models. One meeting a month imposes formality, restricts critiques, and limits helpful advice to one specific time.

Switching to smaller models creates a more fluid dialogue that employees can use to address concerns, get questions answered, and check in about meeting goals.

Benefits of Micro-coaching

Traditional meetings add formality without active problem-solving solutions. Micro-coaching aims for brief, targeted sessions that last anywhere from one-ten minutes max. The idea behind this micro-training and micro-coaching technique is that it’s easier to correct a problem the sooner it arises.

1. Get Help When You Need It

One of the biggest takeaways from the pandemic is that companies need to change to meet the needs of their clients and employees. However, without clear feedback and a willingness to adapt, you can mentally disengage and reduce overall productivity.

Instead, implementing micro-coaching into your strategy will allow you to get direct feedback and guidance throughout the week. Whether you apply this within your company or even hire a business coach, micro-coaching can help you tackle specific subjects as they arise.

2. Set Realistic Goals and Milestones

Working with a skilled business coach allows you to better understand what steps you need to take to grow your business. Remember, it’s vital to view your business development as a marathon, not a sprint. By setting realistic goals and milestones, it sets you up for success without feeling let down.

Micro-coaching allows you to regularly check in with your coach to make sure you are hitting your goals. If you’re struggling in certain areas, a quick impromptu conversation can add accountability and clarity. Additionally, you’ll be amazed at how your confidence boosts after you start achieving goals.

3. Build Momentum

Connecting with a skilled business coach through micro-coaching sessions drives momentum and establishes accountability. If the goal is progression, then a short burst of helpful insight with micro-coaching is a feasible way to do that.

To create actual, lasting results, you occasionally need help staying motivated and on track. Micro-coaching allows you to hop on a quick call from anywhere to seek support at each stage of your professional plan. Instead of supporting you periodically, a business coach is by your side at every step.

4. Increase Revenue

Sometimes we stand in our way, especially when it comes to seeing a project through. It can sometimes be hard to understand what we are worth. Connecting with a business coach can help you quit doubting yourself and offer clear direction.

Micro-coaching sessions with a skilled mentor minimize stress, help you avoid burnout, and keep you on track with your goals.

A good business coach will also help you take calculated risks and start thinking outside the box. Plus, micro-coaching can fit into your schedule throughout the week, so it’s not adding more stress to your plate.

Coaches have cultivated professional business relationships within the industry. In addition, coaches can connect you to other clients who could be beneficial to your growth.

5. Consistent Communication

As business professionals, it’s sometimes challenging to establish professional mentorships. It can also be challenging to address issues in traditional workplaces if you only have a limited batch-and-queue feedback cycle.

Sometimes all you need is the right word of encouragement or professional push to turn ideas into actionable and concrete plans. Micro-coaching embodies this style by implementing and encouraging consistent communication.

How Micro-Coaching Amplifies Communication:

  • Provides Encouragement
  • Helps Clarify Details
  • Outlines Corrections
  • Answers Questions

Micro-coaching doesn’t need to be regularly scheduled meetings. Instead, it can be as simple as impromptu and easy meetings where you connect about targeted issues. Since they are so short, they can seamlessly become a natural part of your workflow.

6. Providing Accountability

Micro-coaching includes accountability. Anyone who has set any personal or professional goal knows just how difficult it is to stick with the change without someone supporting you. Checking in, championing your needs, and celebrating your successes are some of the significant benefits of utilizing a coach.

Even the most eager organization understands that changes take time. So instead of skipping all the steps, it’s essential to get a clear direction on where you need to go to get from A to Z. The secret of success is finding sustainable ways to achieve your goals gradually. The more you map out your plan and are willing to adapt to changes, the more prepared you will be for each hurdle.

Micro-coaching can benefit anyone from freelance professionals to other entrepreneurs at every stage of their professional careers.

7. Have a Trusted Advisor

If you’re looking for a quick fix, then starting a micro-coaching strategy isn’t right for you. Instead, if you want to establish a trusted advisor that helps build your business and strategizes your weaknesses and strengths, then this model is what you need!

Micro-coaching is about establishing expectations, building trust, encouraging critical thinking, and creating a built-in support system. The clearer the expectations, the clearer the results and workable plans executed.

Building a business requires many moving parts, decisions, and direct actions. Consulting with a business coach can help provide that constant motivation.

Areas Where a Coach Can Help:

  • Bolster creativity
  • Narrow down choices
  • Problem-solving solutions
  • Set appropriate goals
  • Work-life balance
  • Time management
  • Achieving goals

A business coach takes on the role of mentor, coach, and business consultant. It’s a role that can morph into whatever you need to achieve your goals.

Revolutionize Your Business with Micro-Coaching

Working with a business coach to implement a micro-coaching model can dramatically improve your sales, expand your professional network, and boost your confidence. In addition, bite-sized guidance spread out long-term can help cultivate a more effective business strategy while also holding you accountable for your goals.

At Jennifer Dawn Coaching, our team is committed to assessing your needs and helping you refocus on your goals. We guide you on how to grow revenue, problem solve, overcome obstacles, and help your business thrive.

Don’t continue to feel stuck and unable to achieve your goals. If you’re new to business coaching and unsure if this is the right fit, schedule a call today! We’ll explain program details, set intentions, and address any concerns you may have in our free 45-minute consultation.


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