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Your search for the right coaching team to take you there is over.

Winning Mindset Clear all blocks in your mindset and reprogram your thinking for success.

Expert Guidance Shorten your curve by learning from an experienced entrepreneur and coach who has built two multi-million-dollar businesses and helped others do the same.

Focused Strategy Build a clear and detailed business and marketing strategy, mapped out into actionable goals, projects and tasks. Identify and prioritize “red zone” issues to fix what’s causing the most damage.

Increased Profits More money directly in your pocket – from day one with Profit Plus. No more cash crunches or struggling to make payroll.

Support & AccountabilityNo more missed goals or trying to go it alone. Experience proven results each week, while still honoring your working pace.

With Us on Your Team


Have a Clear Business Strategy

Many entrepreneurs feel like they are “all over the place” or struggle to create a detailed and effective business strategy. No matter the size of your company setting clear goals, direction, and identifying your mission are critical factors in your overall success. Your journey with us begins with a thorough assessment of the entire company. Together we identify red flags for improvement and areas where you are leaking profits. Then, we create a custom-designed business strategy to address these issues for good and take you to the next level.


Dial in Your Marketing

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day of running a business and little cracks in your marketing efforts can surface. Perhaps your messaging isn’t as effective as it could be or links on your website are broken or maybe social media channels need attention. We perform a detailed website, social, and content strategy audit and clearly identify ways in which you can improve and stay ahead of the game.


Develop Yourself as a Leader

Don’t struggle alone trying to figure out how to increase revenues or get team members to perform to their full potential. Develop your mindset, leadership skills, tenacity, and tactical approach to overcome any obstacle you may face with effective coaching.


Manage All Your Data From One Place

It’s true 49% of businesses don’t identify or track their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). It’s time to change this. Until now, sophisticated KPI software was reserved for the big dogs at the enterprise level. But now through our powerful partnership with Grow® we can provide powerful business metrics for any size business all from one impactful dashboard. Plus, our consulting team does the heavy lifting in setting up your information so you can stay focused on running the company.


Automate Your Systems & Processes

We conquer the chaos and create streamlined processes that will have your company running like a well oiled machine in no time. We even help you analyze your existing methods, pinpoint areas of improvement, and identify those limiting your growth. Even better, our certified team of Trainual® experts will organize, document, and deliver your processes in the click of a button.


What Makes Us Different

At Jennifer Dawn Coaching we offer a complete solution. We coach the mindset to succeed and overcome challenges or obstacles. Then, we combine this with effective consulting services to implement the changes necessary to transform your business. We don’t just talk about what needs to get done, we help you do it.


Who We Work With

We work with companies across multiple industries including professional services, retail, manufacturing, and ecommerce. Our ideal clients have usually achieved success in business and life but are struggling to get to the next level and unlock their full potential. That could be trying to cross the million dollar mark for the first time, getting to multiple seven figures, or even getting a new business off the ground. We work with business owners who are committed to their long-term success and willing to do the work to achieve it.


Program Details

Our private coaching programs offer the following benefits to help you stay on track and meet your goals:

  • Assessments of your business top to bottom and detailed business strategy
  • Private coaching sessions with Jennifer and team to execute
  • Unlimited email check-in’s and support
  • Measuring KPI’s on a single dashboard
  • Streamline systems and processes
  • Shorten onboarding time for new employees

Here are just a few wins from our scorecard:

We saved a $12M manufacturing company on the brink of bankruptcy and got them profitable. We guided a digital marketing agency with over $1M in debt to becoming debt free.

We helped a $500k executive coaching business double revenues in less than 6 months.

We helped an online training business increase sales by 41%.

We coached a doctor on increasing her take-home income by 300%.

What’s the Investment?

To benefit from our high-quality coaching and consulting you’ll invest a monthly fee of $597 – $4,997 (depending on the package you choose). We have many long-term clients, but NO long-term contracts – ever.

Business Coaching Works. Here’s Proof

Jennifer helped me take my company from losing money to being profitable by holding me accountable for my actions. The first thing we did was setup priorities and goals to where I wanted to go then we reviewed expenses and cut out the non-essentials. For anyone thinking about working with Jennifer in any capacity my advice would be If you want to move your company forward you need to take action with Jennifer. She is a lifesaver!


The first call I had with Jennifer I was in tears. I felt so overwhelmed, ashamed and ignorant. I had been ignoring the financial side of my business for years because I didn’t even know where to start. I felt like a bad business owner. Jennifer was everything I needed and more. I can’t describe what it feels like to feel in charge and in control of my business. Now I can continue to offer incredible service to my patients and clients AND I can experience financial rewards and feel reassured about the stability and sustainability of my business. I am incredibly grateful for Jennifer, her patience, her guidance and her coaching to get me to that next level as an entrepreneur. I highly recommend Jennifer – you will be so glad you invested in this powerful coaching for long term success!


“Thanks to the Profit First course, every dollar my online store brings in is now carefully divided and earmarked for a specific purpose.” “It was like I was working in the dark and then Jennifer came in and turned on the lights for me! Thanks again for sharing your invaluable tools.”

— Lynne Cimino

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