Balancing Work: How Coaching Sets In-Job & On-Job Goals
May 21, 2023

Balancing Work: How Coaching Sets In-Job & On-Job Goals

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s not enough to simply excel at the day-to-day tasks of your business. Developing new skills and knowledge is equally vital to stay ahead of the competition. However, balancing the two sides can be challenging, especially in relation to setting and achieving goals. That’s why you may require coaching services. 

Business coaches are experts who help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses, set realistic goals, and develop a plan to achieve them. This article explores how business coaching services can help you create and follow up on goals in and on your business. 

Understanding “In” Your Job vs. “On” Your Job

Differentiating between working “in” your job and working “on” your job can be complex. To break it down, working “in” your job refers to the day-to-day tasks you do to keep the wheels of your organization turning. This could include responding to emails, attending meetings, completing projects, and communicating with colleagues. On the other hand, working “on” your job refers to all the steps you take to grow your business management skills and expand your organization.

This may include networking with industry professionals, attending training courses, developing new projects, and setting goals. Finding the right balance between working in and on your job is essential for long-term organizational success. It calls for a deep understanding of your goals and aspirations and an ability to organize your time and resources effectively.

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The Importance of Setting Goals for Both Types of Work

Setting goals is vital for success in both “in” and “on” your job work because of the following reasons:

Providing Focus and Direction

When you create clear and realistic goals, you give yourself something to work towards. This gives focus and direction for your efforts and helps you prioritize your time and resources. Goal-setting is particularly crucial for “on” your job work, where the path to success may not always be clear.

Measuring Progress

Goals offer a means to measure progress. Monitoring your journey to success can keep you motivated and focused as you see the returns of your efforts. It can also help you promptly identify mistakes in your approach and make the necessary adjustments. For example, if you’re not getting the results you want from attending networking events, try a different approach, like reaching out to specific individuals for one-on-one meetings.

When you accomplish a goal, whether it’s a small one like finishing a task on time or a larger one like increasing your revenue, you feel satisfied and take pride in your venture. This feeling of triumph can encourage you to aim higher, reinforcing the idea that your efforts are worthwhile and can lead to success.

Setting goals in and on your job work isn’t always easy. You may encounter several obstacles, such as unclear priorities, inadequate resources, and lack of time. Therefore, it is best to consult a business coach to help you create a clear path to grow your company. 

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How Business Coaching Services Can Help You Set Your Goals

Business coaching involves working with a trained expert to develop strategies and find solutions to your business needs. Here are a few ways a business coach can help you set and achieve goals in and on your job. 

Offer Guidance 

Business coaches can inspire entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate leaders to set specific goals for achieving success. They provide guidance to help you identify priorities, break down goals into actionable steps, and create a timeline for accomplishing them. It allows you to stay focused and motivated, ensuring progress toward desired outcomes when managing your organization.

Help You Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

A business coach can help you find unique strengths and areas that require improvement. They use various assessment tools and techniques, such as 360-degree feedback and personality assessments. After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, the coach works with you to build a comprehensive plan, enabling you to excel in your current role and position yourself for future career growth within your industry.

Provide Accountability and Support

It can be hard to remain focused and accountable, especially when working on long-term business goals. However, having someone to hold you accountable and offer support makes you more likely to stay committed to your goals and realize the desired results. 

A business coach can provide regular check-ins to monitor your progress, give feedback and guidance, and help you stay inspired as you work towards your goals. In addition, they can celebrate successes with you, boosting your self-confidence. 

Help You Unlock Your Self-Created Limits 

A business coach can assist you in overcoming self-created limits that may hinder your full potential. Such limitations may manifest as self-doubt, fear, negative thought patterns, and limiting beliefs. Executive coaching enables individuals to gain clarity on their values and goals, challenge negative self-talk, and reframe limiting beliefs. That said, it offers strategies and techniques for stress management, building resilience, and maintaining a positive mindset. 

Open Your Mind to New Ideas and Habits

Managing your business daily using the same approach can be monotonous and often lead to a lack of creativity and inspiration. As a result, it’s easy to fall into old habits and ways of thinking, hindering your growth and progress over time. 

With encouragement from a business coach, you can break out of old routines and challenge yourself to approach tasks in new and innovative ways. The experience and expertise of these professionals also offer insights and perspectives you may not have considered before, helping you see things in a new light. 

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Discover an Easy Way to Set Goals In your Job and On Your Job

If you’re struggling to balance working “in” and “on” your job or are having trouble setting goals for each, consider seeking the guidance of a business coach. At Jennifer Dawn Coaching, we specialize in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures. We can work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, set SMART goals, and develop a plan to accomplish them. Contact us today to discover an easy way to succeed in and on your job. 


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