Business Coaching Services: Creating Your Business Roadmap
May 10, 2023

Business Coaching Services: Creating Your Business Roadmap

Jennifer Dawn’s business coaching services have helped hundreds of organizations in various industries reach their first seven figures in revenue. Within our program, clients develop a professional business roadmap that helps them overcome obstacles and propels them toward success as business owners. But what does a business roadmap entail, exactly? Explore what it can mean for your business and how Jennifer Dawn’s business coaching services can help you along the way.

What Is a Business Roadmap? 

Your business roadmap is a specific, strategic plan that can help you achieve your greatest goals and desires for your business. It also includes measurable milestones that can help you track your progress. It’s the reference point, your North Star, the “Why” of your business—that informs all of your important decisions and actions as a business owner.

Roadmaps vs. Business Plans

Like a business plan, your roadmap is a long-term vision for where you want your business to go and how you’re getting there. However, while your business roadmap and a business plan may seem similar in this sense, they are two separate concepts. 

A business plan is a formal document that highlights the commercial potential of a business. It includes the company’s objectives and how it aims to achieve them with detailed steps and projections over a certain time frame.

On the other hand, your business roadmap is your higher-level vision of growth for your business. While it also includes specific timelines and objectives, these can be easily updated to adapt to the evolving market, changing circumstances, or new opportunities—all within the big picture set by the roadmap. It’s a faster snapshot view of your entire business operations and why they exist.

What Does a Business Roadmap Include?

Developing your business roadmap involves creating a visual representation of what it takes to get to “the finish line.” It may include your company’s different departments, the actions or projects they need to complete, and how they all work together in the grand scheme of things to drive the whole business forward toward the big-picture goal. It may be broken down into checkpoints, such as quarterly reviews, and can even include specific time or resources allocated to each phase.

The beauty of having your own business roadmap is that it helps you make better, more efficient decisions about virtually everything in your business. It allows you the flexibility to move parts around and distribute work where it needs to be, all without losing sight of your main goal.

How Can Expert Business Coaching Services Help You?

If you’re ready to develop an effective business roadmap today, we invite you to learn more about our business coaching services. At Jennifer Dawn Coaching, we offer one-on-one private coaching sessions, open group discussions, accountability check-ins, one-of-a-kind training, and an exclusive community that joins business owners from all walks of life. Let’s talk about your business today—schedule a free 45-minute discovery call with one of our team members to see if business coaching services are right for you.


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