Are You Coachable?
April 28, 2020

Are You Coachable?

We all have areas in our lives we’d like to improve. It could be our fitness, our diet, our profits, our relationships, etc. There is always room for growth. And sometimes no matter how hard we try, how much willpower we have, and how many times we’ve decided we will change, our desired results just don’t come and we left unsatisfied. This is where finding the right coach for you can be extremely helpful.

But not everyone is coachable, and what do I mean by that? To make the most out of a coach-coachee relationship you have to be truly open to guidance, you have to be willing to listen, be willing to take action, and most importantly, be willing to show up. It’s way easier said than done, and it’s most certainly true that actions do speak louder than words.

So how can you determine if you really are coachable?

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