Climbing the Mountain – Together
April 30, 2015

Climbing the Mountain – Together

Last summer, my family and I were on a mission to hike a different mountain each weekend. On one outing we chose Stissing Mountain in upstate New York and arrived at the trail head fresh, full of energy, and ready to GO!

It began as a flat little dirt trail through the trees for about 20 feet…then turned to rocks and headed straight up. As I progressed my thoughts went something like:

I’m so excited to be hiking this mountain!

Wow! I can already feel my leg muscles working strong!

Breathing hard – burn you calories burn!

Does this trail go up the whole way?

Would it be too soon to take a water break?

Is there any kind of plateau up ahead…

Good grief. My legs feel really heavy.

I wonder is the air thinner up here?

Why in the hell do we do this every weekend?

My family is insane.

I slowly made my way to my husband stopped on the trail ahead. Between gasps of air, I said, “No more mountains, we gotta start hiking valley’s” He chuckled, kissed my forehead, and together we kept heading up.

The top of the mountain greeted us with a tall fire tower – that we also climbed – and were rewarded with a cool breeze and breathtaking view. Soaking up the success of making it to the top alive, it struck me how I could have climbed it alone, but was so lucky to have done it with my family. Being loved by them is an honor and it was so much more fun to celebrate our success at the top – together.

Starting my first software company, I was 23 years young and knew nothing about running a business. I remember so many days feeling like I was wandering alone in the woods without a compass, map, or trail for direction.

Now, after building two 7 figure businesses and mentoring hundreds of woman to do the same I feel so blessed to be on the journey together with each of my clients. Climbing the “entrepreneurial” mountain is tough. Your legs get heavy on that road to the top (along with your heart, soul, and mind).

However, being supported by people who truly believe in you, and having access to the resources which make the journey easier, make it so much sweeter when you get to dance the happy dance at the top of that fire tower – together.




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