Your Key To Success: LIFE ISN’T PERFECT
March 29, 2021

Your Key To Success: LIFE ISN’T PERFECT

I used to think that if I got really good at the Law of Attraction I could eliminate all bad things from my life. Keep thinking good thoughts Jennifer. “Focus on the good” I’d think to myself. But wait why are these “bad” things happening to me? What am I doing wrong? Well lesson learned, that’s not how life works.

Here’s the deal, life is not going to be perfect, but life is going to happen, no matter what. Life is a continuum of experiences, and those experiences are neither good nor bad until we make that judgement. We get to decide what is “good” and what is “bad.” But if you learned from an experience, if it made you a better person, if it made you stronger, more compassionate, more resilient, is an experience still “bad?”

I believe there is good that can be extracted from all of our life experiences, regardless of how challenging it can be to see that in the moment. And that goodness comes from choosing happiness first, and from committing to living in a higher emotional state. Happiness is a choice that you can make right now, no matter what. It is the happiness that leads you to live a full and productive life. It is the happiness that helps you transcend what you are going through and align you to who you really want to be, and who you really can be.

Join me in this short and sweet but powerful episode where I go over why life is never going to be perfect, but why that is exactly how it is supposed to be.



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