Top 7 Tips for Media Pitches that Work
November 19, 2015

Top 7 Tips for Media Pitches that Work

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As a business owner myself, using Profit First, I’m always on the lookout for ways I can increase my revenues – without increasing expense. This is also something I teach my clients because it’s smart business and it works. One of the great ways to get more eyeballs on your product/service is through media exposure. Think of it like free advertising. If you’ve never done a media pitch (or find your pitches never get picked up) here’s a list of my Top 7 Tips for Media Pitches that Work!

Always pitch a story. Don’t pitch your company. Your company and product are not interesting, the story around them IS. By pitching the broader story or meaning, that is how you can shine.

Leave the journalist wanting to know more. Be brief, provide just enough detail to grasp the scope of the story. Get them interested in learning more about you and possibly pursuing you for an interview.

Tell them why the story is relevant to the readers. Explain why the story will resonate with readers. Remember the journalist is not always an expert in the field they are writing about. Helping them connect the dots so they can understand the impact or urgency is pure gold.

Always pitch on topic. It’s a waste of your time and the reporter to pitch around, behind, and off topic. If it’s not a perfect fit, move on. Another opportunity will come along soon.

Be respectful of the reporter’s right to make the decision. Don’t try to strong arm them, be polite and respectful. Do not harass or stalk them in any way. If they are interested in the story, you will hear from them.

Get straight to the point. Journalists get bombarded with pitches all day long. A too long email will simply get chucked into the trash. Be clear, get to the point, and always be honest and transparent in your pitch.

Be unique. Don’t pitch the same story you’ve heard over and over. Try to be unique and offer a different perspective.

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