At Jennifer Dawn Coaching

We Take A Different Approach


Work With Focus

We begin with a customized MASTERY ROADMAP session where together we map out the exact next steps to achieve ALL your goals without sacrificing your life. No more guessing, you now work with focus and clarity from a clear, written plan.


No Longer Alone

Work with a private coach, hand-matched to support your journey. Whether it’s holding you accountable, reclaiming your health, or being laser-focused on the business we have an expert team ready to support you so you are no longer alone in this.


Personalized For You

Never get “stuck” in a cookie-cutter online group coaching program that doesn’t fully apply to you and your business. Get the answers you need – fast – from our team of coaches who address your specific needs and challenges so you make progress toward your goals without wasting time.


Group AND Private Time

No longer do you have to choose between Group or Private coaching. With us on your team, you automatically get both. Collaborate with other entrepreneurs in our Live training and Mastermind groups, then go deep with your Private Coach on topics that matter most.


Develop All Of You

As part of the Jennifer Dawn family, you’ll get exclusive access to our in-depth training platform where you can develop the skill set of yourself and your team, at your own time and pace, from anywhere in the world.

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