The Real Secret Behind Time Management
September 29, 2020

The Real Secret Behind Time Management

I was recently asked to speak at the Lead 2 Impact Summit alongside many other incredible top industry leaders, and they asked me talk about effective time management. Here I’d like to share a few tips I shared at that talk.

One of the biggest mistakes I made for so many years of my life, and that I see so many of my clients making is that we think time management is just about planning or scheduling or organizing. And although yes that is an element of time management, that piece is actually step number 3 of a 3-step process. That is actually the last thing we want to do.

So what is step number 1 and step number 2? Aligning with your heart, and managing your mind. Without those 2 crucial steps, your time management will only get you so far or it might be getting you nowhere if you’re spending your time on all the wrong things. Before you get busy busy busy, you want to get crystal clear on what is it that you actually want in your life, and you have to also learn how to manage your mind so it works with you and not against you. THEN you need to actually manage your time.

Join me as I deep dive into this 3-step process and where I also share why having a crystal clear vision is so crucial, and the 3 actionable tools to manage your mind along with your time.



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