Success vs Happiness
December 17, 2020

Success vs Happiness

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my earlier life (and one I see so many of my coaching clients make) was thinking that success would bring me happiness. Getting that job, that raise, that car, that house ….the list goes on. Little did I know even the definition of success says nothing about happiness itself. While so many people think that success will lead to happiness, it is in fact the other way around. It is being happy which actually helps us achieve the success we so deeply desire.

Too many people postpone their happiness until they reach a specific goals because they think there’s a promise of happiness at the end of that. However, happiness is a feeling that is always available to us no matter what our circumstance is. And the more we access that happiness, the more happy thoughts we have, the more we act from a happy place, the more we will be aligned with our goals, the more we will be able to achieve, the closer we will be to reaching our personal definitions of success.

Join me in this episode as I drill down the very important difference between success and happiness and how we can cultivate more happiness in our every day lives.



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