Redefining Success

Who really defines success? Chances are, it’s not what you’ve been taught. Here, author Jennifer Dawn joins 13 other women to tell their stories of success along the entrepreneurial journey.

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Who really defines success? How do we define it for ourselves? Chances are, it’s not what you’ve been taught. While making money is a key goal for most, many women have come to realize that health, happiness, growth, and mentoring others are equally important in the overall equation of success; and that success rarely means the same thing for women as it does for men. With that in mind, 13 female entrepreneurs have come together to share their intimate success stories to inspire more women to take the steps toward financial independence and personal success. This book offers a unique point of view through the adventures, struggles, and joys these women experienced on their roads to success. Learn the truth about managing your own happiness, learning from mentors, shedding the myths of outward success, and caring for your business, your partners, and employees, from real women who’ve been in the trenches. These authors are passionate about supporting other women in business and in life. In this book, they share that passion with you. Get inspired to redefine success for yourself, as these women share vulnerability, fears, mistakes, growth, and ultimately, success.

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