Wendy Shand
January 16, 2024

Wendy Shand

Wendy’s story goes back to 2004 when her two year old son fell into an un-enclosed swimming pool whilst on vacation in France.
Thankfully, the family got him out safely but it prompted her to ask why the travel industry was not solving the very real pains of families in this intense phase of their lives? What resulted was a unique, European-wide vacation rental business designed to reimagine how families with under-5s vacation. By 2016, Wendy had designed an insightful, scalable and audacious resort concept and then raised money from a Berlin based VC which enabled her to open 7 family friendly resorts. This change in business model led to 65% growth and the business crashed through the 8-figure revenue mark.
The success of her business was in identifying a valuable niche within a competitive market place and then creating a strategy and a compelling, engaging and commercial consumer brand to address it. She then paired this with a unique, differentiated product resulting in control over commercials, channels and driving both engagement and lifetime value.

Behind the scenes she developed a strong team culture based around being a ‘Business of Impact’, recruited the best people she could find and developed systems and processes that built the crucial element of trust within the culture.

Today, Wendy works with CEOs and business owners to successfully and sustainably grow their businesses through the uniquely challenging $1m to $10m in revenue phase.


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