How To Be Productive And Not Just Busy
December 16, 2019

How To Be Productive And Not Just Busy

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mike Vardy on The Productivityist and in this podcast, I had the chance to share key ways to achieve a productive mindset. The interview also covered some of the major features inside the Best Planner Ever to help you avoid interruptions and find focus each day. Click the link below to listen to the full interview. Here are some highlights:

Keys To A More Productive State Of Mind

• Replacing Virtual With Real. There is not a single type of technology that can replace the feeling of writing. It is a tangible action that creates an experience which instantly centers you. Electronics pull us away—alerts, beeps, and responses demand our time, but paper will never interrupt or sidetrack you. Writing in your planner will help you drill down to what’s central and discover the things you need to work on.

• Determining A – D Tasks. You can list and list and list everything you need to do, you can feel satisfied when you cross items off the list, but you can still find yourself failing to make progress. The action of listing only gets you ahead by one step forward, and the rest of the steps come from choosing the essentials: What is most important to do? What tasks move you forward? What can be done anytime? Get in the habit of identifying and sorting tasks in your planner to know which must be done and which will get done anyways.

• Engaging In Daily/Weekly Reflection. A busy mind cannot make connections between little moments to see a big picture or discover context. To really understand where you want to go and how you’re doing, stop and slow down, engage in Reflection. Without really considering your wins or intentions, you can easily just fill your time with things that lack purpose.

Get The Right Tool To Get Productive

That’s the benefit of the planner—within lies the tools to connect to yourself. Reflect on the week, mark out your tasks, and focus on the most important elements of your day that will move you forward!

Inside the Best Planner Ever, you’ll find a place for each of these key productivity actions so that you can achieve your goals.

For more about the ways that the Best Planner Ever can help you achieve productivity, check out my interview on Productivyist with Mike Vardy, founder, and the creator of TimeCrafting.

Listen To My Interview


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