Word Hacks For A Happier Day
March 30, 2020

Word Hacks For A Happier Day

It’s important to understand that words have power. They actually have so much more power than we think, and we can use that power either for our benefit or for our own detriment. What’s more true is that sometimes we don’t even realize the words we’re using are actually holding us back and hurting us.

So let me explain why the words we use are so important, and how we can use word hacks to implement positive change into our lives.

Words Drive Action

Let’s say you’re sitting around, and you keep using the words ‘I wish.’ 

“I wish I had a better body. I wish I made more money. I wish I had a better partner.”

Regardless of what our wishes are, what we’re really saying when we say “I wish” is that “I haven’t got a chance in hell of this happening.” You don’t say, “I wish I could get up in the morning and brush my teeth” or “I wish I could take a shower every day, right?”

We don’t say those things because we’re doing them nevertheless. So instead of saying, “I wish I had a better body or I wish I was healthier or I wish my business ran better,” we can change our words, and replace “I wish” with “I will.” 

By changing the word wish to will, we can change the tone of our energy, encourage the right action, invite productive thinking, and have a tremendous impact on our day and our lives. We can incorporate positive affirmations like,

 “I will eat a salad today.”

 “I will move my body and get some kind of exercise.” 

“I will hire a coach to help me with my business.”

“I will invest in myself and learn something new today.”

Words Can Change Our Reality 

When we change our words, we start to change our reality. Because here’s the deal, your mind takes everything you say and creates a blueprint from it. It’s the brain’s job to take that blueprint that you created, and then make it real for you. And by making it real, it’s almost like our brains want to prove ourselves right.

So if we say something like, “I just can’t remember anything” or “as I am getting older, my memory is going to crap.” Our minds are going to take us right there!

If we change those words instead and say things like, “My memory is awesome. I swear as I’m getting older, my memory is getting better. I read things, and they really stick,” or “I remember everything.”

We need to say the words that we want to be true for us. So when you get up each day, and you find yourself saying things like, “I don’t have time” or “I’m going to get something wrong,”. All of those things tend to come true as we go through the day. In a way, we speak our reality into existence with the words we say and think. So, choose your words carefully.

Use Words To Say The Opposite 

We are all aware that we’re going through the Coronavirus, and if you look into the world, you’re going to see a whole lot of fear and panic going on. But if you’re going to attach your thinking to all of those emotions, they will come true in your life. Here’s where you and I should begin using our words to almost just say the opposite.

For example, think of how good it feels when you say words like,

“I choose to remain calm, despite whatever craziness might be going on in the world.”

“I’ve only got 10 minutes to prepare this presentation. But that’s awesome. Because it’s all the time, I need.”  

“When I get up every day, I’ve only 10 minutes to plan my day. But that’s fantastic. That’s the perfect amount of time that I need.” 

You will immediately start to feel different when you say words that are encouraging, positive, and empowering. This is why using simple word hacks is crucial to bringing more happiness and productivity into your daily life.

It’s almost like playing a word game with yourself each day. Because ultimately, you get to decide whether you’re going to ruin or save your day with your words. Since our minds believe anything that we tell them, we choose how we want to speak to ourselves every single day.

Words Have A Direct Impact On Our Body

We get to choose how we want to speak to ourselves. But we don’t get to choose what happens inside our bodies when we choose negative thinking.

For example, when you decide to be in that negative place and have terrible thinking and use harmful words, there’s a lot of damage being done inside your body to yourself with all of those increased stress hormones.

Science has proved repeatedly that our bodies are just not as capable when we are under stress. Our cells don’t reproduce as well and they don’t make the proteins we need when we are bombarded with stress hormones.

So we get to choose if we’re going to be positive or negative. But if we choose negative, we will give our power away while also causing damage to our bodies from the inside.

The ‘Flipping’ Word Hack

I want to challenge you to look at your words. When you get up every day, are you expecting the worst? Or are you expecting amazing things? Think about saying to yourself every day, “I expect amazing things to happen to me today. I expect love. I expect success. I expect to have an amazing life.”

If you struggle with this, a quick little trick is to simply take any negative thought that you have, and flip it. So if you find yourself thinking, “I’m a failure,” just flip that to “I’m spectacular!” Or “I’m scared,” flip it to, “I’m excited.” There’s not a massive difference between the feelings of fear and excitement. But excitement is going to generate all of those good, positive emotions and feelings that we seek.

Remember, the mind has a precise job; it wants to do whatever it thinks you want. And it bases that on one thing, on the words that you’re using. That’s why you want to start this process of talking better to your mind each day.

The beautiful part about this is that when you change your words, it will start to change things for you immediately. Especially right now, during this global pandemic, it’s super easy to let fear carry us away to negativity, but we can flip it, we can do the opposite.

Instead of thinking about all of the horrible things that might happen to your business, you could be saying, “I’ve wanted to have time to reevaluate my business model, and now I have that.” Maybe you also don’t have to get up so early in the morning, and maybe you get some more quiet family time at home to just relax and be a human, which is amazing.

We want to try to link massive pleasure to whatever it is that we want. That’s only possible by flipping our words and finding the good side of them.

The ‘Replacing’ Word Hack

One of the best word hacks is replacing. For example, “What do I have to do today?” or “What should I do today?” Replace the word have or should with the word ‘get’.

“What do I get to do today? Do I get to be a mother to my children today? Do I get to be a business owner?” “Do I get to be a leader today? Do I get to take care of my body? Do I get to be alive? Do I get to go outside and breathe in fresh air and sunshine?

So instead of the sense of drudgery with “What do I have to do today,” you can switch one word and establish a profound difference in a positive, happy, productive way.

We can replace “If I have to go to work today,” with “What’s my contribution today?” “Who do I get to serve today?” “Who do I get to help today?” Or even “Whose dreams do I get to help come true today?”  These word hacks really help inspire and motivate me and you can do the exact same thing with the words that you’re using.

The ‘Short-Term Lying’ Word Hack

At first, I want to give you complete and total permission to lie to yourself! Yes, you read it correctly—lie to yourself. Because when you initially start doing it, it might kind of feel like a lie. “How much happiness can I produce in my life today, right now? A lot!” Even if that feels like a lie, that’s okay. Just keep telling it to your brain, and your brain will make it your truth.

For example, if you hate the first few moments of running on the treadmill and can’t bear to keep on running. Consider telling yourself things like, “I love running. This feels so good. I love the feeling I get from running..” And sure enough, within a very short period, you’ll start feeling better and more motivated to keep running until you finish accomplishing your goals.


I invite you to take a look at the words that you’re using, take a moment to take stock of the words you say, and the words you think, and flip them to your advantage. Lie in the beginning until you start to believe it. Everything will be okay. Trust in yourself. Write whatever you need to tell yourself to reprogram your brain and your thinking by using the power of words.

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