What Kind Of Action Are You Taking?
March 09, 2020

What Kind Of Action Are You Taking?

It is a common behavior for people to give up on their dreams and goals. A recent study by the University of Scranton showed that 92% of Americans give up on their goals and never achieve them.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the kinds of action that you can take to help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. If you’ve ever studied the Law of Attraction, you know that it requires you to get clear on your aspirations and then start taking action to get them.

So let’s dive deep into how you can leverage the Law of Attraction and the different actions that create abundance and joy.

What Is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is more like gravity—it is a hidden yet ever-present force that attracts and repels every type of reality based on how you think and act. It involves a powerful exchange of energies that can manifest different realities of life.

We are always in an endless cycle of creation. Our actions and subconscious and conscious thoughts are responsible for shaping our very future in every moment of our life.

It is vital to understand that harnessing the Law of Attraction in your daily life is requisite to achieving your goals. The fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction is to create infinite joy and abundance through infinite possibilities.

But there’s a lot of misconception and vagueness around this law. So, to fully understand and master the Law of Attraction, we need to understand the most important aspect of it— actions! If you believe that all you have to do

is sit around and think about what you want, and it’ll just magically come to you without having to get off your ass and do anything. It just simply won’t because it doesn’t work that way.
So let’s bring awareness to the kinds of activities that you’re either taking or not taking.

Three Different Types of Action:

• Massive
• Passive
• Reactive

Massive action is taking action until you get the desired result. That means that you don’t stop after you try once or twice, or even if you fail. It means that you are committed to figuring it out and willing to put yourself out there. These actions will encourage you to do it all over and over again.

A massive action may take 3 hours a day or could be just a 5-10 minutes task, and it’s often a step that requires you to push outside your comfort zone.

It’s often really easy to make excuses around our tasks involving massive actions because they might appear intimidating. These tasks may include pitching to that client who scares you, or attending a meeting that involves socializing and speeches.

Nevertheless, you do it knowing in your heart that doing it would get you closer to achieving your soul goal (more on soul goal below). Massive action is the action that you commit to taking until you get the results you desire. But many people think that they’re taking massive action, where in fact what they’re really doing is taking one of the other types of action.

Passive action is when you’re in consuming mode. With massive action you are creating, you are out there doing things. But with passive action, you’re consuming the things that are in your reach.For example, you’re reading a book, you’re taking a personal growth course, or you’re attending a class. Anything that you’re doing to learn and grow is a passive action. It’s all about expanding one’s skill set. However, passive action will not get you to where you want to be all by itself. It will only assist you up the ladder to reach the top.

Many people will justify the learning that they’re undertaking by thinking that it is enough to get them the results they want. Well, this isn’t the case, sadly. If you’re learning and still not getting the desired results, the problem is that you are not taking the massive action to substantiate it. You didn’t commit to keep going despite the obstacles.

This is the action that you may take because you’re reacting to something. Often time the triggering point for a reactive action is an uncomfortable emotion. It’s super easy to confuse reactive action with massive and passive action. Let’s say you have an ongoing challenge, maybe your business is failing, you’re losing money, or you’re going through a divorce. It could be something big, something upsetting that you don’t want to deal with. Instead, you throw yourself into action.

People who fall easily for this type of behavior are people who are driven and committed. But actually, these people only keep themselves busy so to distract themselves from all the uncomfortable stuff in their personal life that they don’t want to deal with. Keeping yourself busy so as not to deal with uncomfortable situations is a prime example of reactive action.

It’s important to be super clear on the different kinds of actions because if you realize that you’re in a reactive state, you’re going to be working a lot harder than you need to be.

What Is A Soul Goal?

This is not a regular goal. A soul goal is one that pulls you forward. Soul goals are very different than most of the goals that we’re trying to achieve these days, where we’re pushing and struggling and grinding away.

Soul goals help achieve abundance and joy. They come from people who truly believe in love and happiness.

How Different Actions Affect Daily Productivity

When we talk about daily productivity, it is very significant to reflect and question ourselves about what kinds of actions we are taking each day.

Are we compromising our massive actions? Are we willing enough to keep going until we get the results we want? That’s massive action.

Am I taking passive action? Am I learning and growing my skillset?

We need to make sure that we create a balance between massive and passive because we don’t want to only be in a state of consuming since it’s not enough to get us to where we really want to be. We also need to look at our daily productivity and check whether we are taking reactive action.

Are we distracting ourselves from something that we don’t want to deal with, so we will only work even harder? That’s toxic and feeding your ego in reality.

Am I living in fear and worrying about something which is completely outside of my control?

Reactive action always leads to exhaustion, burnout, and depression. If you’re suffering from any of these and you’re sitting around asking yourself, “What the hell? I’ve taken all this action, and all I got from it was being super burned out.”

This is why we want to step back and take a look and ask ourselves about the kind of action we are taking each day.

Determine the Right Actions

Sometimes we take so much action, but what we overlook is that we are not taking the right kind of action. And that’s where the exhaustion, the burnout, and depression come from because we are just distracting ourselves or feeding our egos.

It’s important to set up our soul goals because when we are pulled each day by our soul goals, that action comes from a place of love.

There’s always some reason why perfectionists just can’t get started. Again, that is reactive action since they may avoid doing anything because they don’t want to fail, or they don’t want to feel negative emotions, or its just not the perfect time to act.

Using massive actions for your soul goals is so much fun and effective. It’s almost hard to put it into words how good massive action on your soul goals feels.


We can only leverage the Law of Attraction if we take a step back and ponder on the kinds of actions we are taking.

There are three types of actions; massive, passive, and reactive. Massive actions are the ones that help you keep moving forward. It’s best to use massive and passive actions together on your soul goals to achieve abundance and joy in life. If you want to learn more about how to do this, then come on down to my workshop Making Your Goals Inevitable.

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