Defeat Limiting Beliefs With an Accountability Coach
July 10, 2023

Defeat Limiting Beliefs With an Accountability Coach

If you tend to procrastinate and struggle with accomplishing your business goals, you might benefit from the help of an accountability coach. However, it’s also important to understand why you procrastinate in the first place. Procrastination happens when our beliefs don’t align with our goals, and sometimes, our negative beliefs can be about ourselves. For some, putting off important tasks can be a kind of coping mechanism to avoid the pain of failure or feeling inadequate–but is the cost of putting your results on the back burner worth it? If you’re ready to start being more accountable for your long-term objectives, here’s what you should know about overcoming your limiting beliefs:

What Is a Limiting Belief?

A limiting belief is a negative, false thought about yourself that you have believed to be true and accepted as fact. It can feel different for each person, but as a general guide, your limiting belief might tell you:

  • You’re not good (or smart or brave or prepared) enough to try something new.
  • You shouldn’t initiate change, as it’s better to be more agreeable.
  • It’s too late to do the things you want.
  • You need to struggle to prove you’re deserving of what you want.
  • You don’t have the time or resources to pursue certain goals.

When left unchecked, these dangerous thoughts could easily grow into a regular way of thinking that prevents you from embracing your most authentic self and experiencing real satisfaction. Here’s where your accountability coach can step in.

How Your Accountability Coach Can Help

1. Rewiring Your Mindset

An accountability coach specializes in helping people unlearn a victim mindset caused by limiting beliefs and replacing it instead with a growth mindset. People with a growth mindset are not defined by their current abilities. They take challenges as inspiration to keep improving and, therefore, overcome obstacles more successfully. 

2. Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve

Many individuals tend to give up on what they set out to do because they create unrealistic and overly demanding standards for themselves. If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, your accountability coach can help you quit being so hard on yourself by learning to work with what you have now and the things that you can do.

3. Taking Decisive Action

Your accountability coach can help you strengthen your focus and discipline, which are two things that matter the most when you’re trying to achieve certain goals. By shifting focus on potential positive outcomes instead of reasons why something may not work, you’ll be ten times closer to the finish line.

Get Matched With an Accountability Coach

Identify the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging you or holding you back by working with an experienced accountability coach from our team. At Jennifer Dawn Coaching, we help you win each day by tapping into your unique control and motivation needs in order to succeed. As we get to know your business goals and identify your plan of action, we’ll support you throughout your journey by providing one-on-one check-ins, productivity tools, skills development training, live workshops, unlimited feedback, and more. Let’s talk about your goals today.


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