Breakthrough Busters:  What Actions Will Get You Through
February 01, 2018

Breakthrough Busters: What Actions Will Get You Through

What is the magic formula behind a successful entrepreneur? I suppose if we all knew that, then everyone would become one! As a small business coach, I’ve talked with many people who want to start a business, and I’ve seen an equal share of people who started their business only to fade away soon after. They all mean well and start with big inspirations and dreams, but something causes them to stop.

When I began to look at the similarities between those who succeed and those who abandon their path, I spotted some traits of successful entrepreneurs. It’s not just one trait, either; that would be magic! There are several qualities that stand out, and in some combination, these are the qualities that will propel your business toward a breakthrough.

Persistence. Grit is the new scientifically proven marker of success. The buzz on grit comes from a recently popularized TEDtalk by Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth in which she discovered that successful people stick it out. Today’s entrepreneur knows that she must stay committed and replenish her inspiration to keep. on. going.

Resources. Tools exist to make work happen better, and the successful entrepreneur understands that the trick is to find the right tool for the job. Start with all that the web offers: services, apps, and sites that can drive your venture forward. Spend some time and find the right tool for you.

Connections. People matter, and never more so than in today’s insta-world. Business is about connecting, and you must cultivate your network. LinkedIn update posts, blogs with hyperlinks, e-forms for capturing contact information, Twitter, and virtual business coaching contacts are safe ways to make connections with your customer base, both new and current.

Testimony. The late great Michelin-ranked French chef Paul Bocuse believed the mark of an excellent chef was not the taste of the food, but the people who filled the restaurant to eat it. Diners—customers—who came back to the restaurant and filled the tables were the sign of success to him. Cull your customers’ opinions with a rating system, ranking number, quote capture, or survey / poll to generate testimonies about you.

The magic formula is still elusive, but I believe these are the essential ingredients to breakthrough to success. Someday, maybe we’ll figure out the proportions and measurements of each to use in creating success, but until then, we can at least develop our awareness for these qualities and stay mindful of their role in our entrepreneurship. In the meantime, schedule a Free Break Through Session to learn more today.



Jennifer Dawn


Jennifer Dawn has grown two multimillion dollar businesses and now mentors others to do the same. She is one of the select few nationwide Profit First and Provendus Growth Academy Certified coaches…

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