Podcasts to Play With Your Morning Coffee to Start Your Day Off Right
April 06, 2021

Podcasts to Play With Your Morning Coffee to Start Your Day Off Right

Entrepreneurs worldwide have recognized the importance of education and improvement in both their personal and professional lives. Learning takes on a variety of forms but finding a platform that works best for you is vital. The entrepreneurial lifestyle is busy – especially when you’re juggling family events, large projects, and personal wellbeing. Podcasts are an excellent way to not only consume information quickly but enhance your knowledge. We’ve collected a handful of podcasts that can help you start your day off right through inspiration, motivation, and creativity.


Smart People Podcast

Listen if: You want to be influenced by the career progression and achievements of others.

What it’s about: Meeting people that inspire you with their life experiences or career paths can happen when least expected. However, think of how great would it be if a collection of inspirational stories were in one place. Chris Stemp’s Smart People Podcast is co-hosted with Jon Rojas, and they conduct noteworthy interviews with successful entrepreneurs who have done amazing things. Don’t get discouraged – you can do amazing things too.

RISE with Rachel Hollis

Listen if: You want to learn practical business strategies, tips, and tricks.

What it’s about: It’s not surprising if you’re already familiar with Rachel Hollis as she’s a New York Times best-selling author that has made a wave in the lives of many entrepreneurs. If you’re ready to own your personal and professional life and glean meaningful purpose, RISE with Rachel Hollis is for you.

Before Breakfast with Laura Vanderkam

Listen if: You need quick snippets of inspiration to supercharge your day.

What it’s about: Mornings are busy for everyone, but taking time for yourself is vital. Whether you follow a hectic schedule or have a few minutes before your child wakes up for the day Before Breakfast with Laura Vanderkam offers listeners 5-minute episodes of practical wisdom that you can incorporate into your life with little to no effort.

Slate’s Working Podcast

Listen if: You want to discover how others approach their careers and apply it to your own.

What it’s about: It’s not unusual to fall into your long-term career or industry and never look back. However, have you ever thought about the value behind exploring how you can become inspired by how others approach their jobs? Slate’s Working podcast takes you into the world of various careers, so you can uncover inspiration in ways you never considered.

Goal Digger

Listen if: You want to learn persistence and how to meet your goals no matter the circumstances.

What it’s about: Whether you’re preparing to get a new business off the ground, encountering familiar obstacles, or looking for tips to continue achieving your goals, Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast will do just that and more. You’ll not only have the opportunity to learn from Kutcher herself but also regular co-hosts that are entrepreneurs just like you.


Entrepreneurs on Fire

Listen if: You want to learn what steps successful entrepreneurs take to achieve.

What it’s about: Are you working toward building the business of your dreams? Do you want to take action and never lose steam? John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneurs on Fire is the perfect solution to help you achieve success once and for all. Highly successful entrepreneurs will share what helps them maintain a healthy mindset along with actionable tactics and strategies you can incorporate into your own life and business structure.

Happy Productive with Jennifer Dawn

Listen if: You want to bring your productivity to its full potential with work-life balance.

What it’s about: Establishing a well-rounded mindset as an entrepreneur is pivotal and will help you meet even your most daunting personal and professional goals. Happy Productive with Jennifer Dawn allows you to connect with your productivity, clearly identify your goals, and strengthen your time management skills so that you can bring love, happiness, and joy into your everyday life and career one and the same.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Listen if: You want to kickstart your motivation and get on that grind.

What it’s about: Gary Vaynerchuk is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who decided to share his wisdom with those around him in The GaryVee Audio Experience. From candid conversations and inspiring stories to valuable insights, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the best and take on each day without letting fear get in your way.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Listen if: You want to realize that everyone starts from the bottom and builds up.

What it’s about: Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or have been established for some time, it’s essential to recognize that everyone starts somewhere. How I Built This with Guy Raz brings leading entrepreneurs, innovators, and idealists together to share how they stayed motivated and created their masterpieces from seemingly nothing.

Mixergy Startup Stories

Listen if: You want to discover how you can thrive from life’s obstacles.

What it’s about: You’re not the only entrepreneur that runs into obstacles in today’s economy. However, learning how to adapt and overcome these hurdles is the first step for success. In Mixergy Startup Stories, you will discover how to thrive from obstacles and turn them into an opportunity rather than a setback.


The Unmistakable Creative

Listen if: You want to strengthen your creativity through fellow creative’s experiences.

What it’s about: Have you been feeling stuck or like you haven’t reached your fullest potential in your career? The Unmistakable Creative Podcast is an excellent resource to unblock your creativity, and help you find your purpose again. With this podcast, you’ll have the opportunity to hear insightful stories from some of the world’s most fantastic creatives.

Strategy Hour

Listen if: You want to learn actionable steps that will take your business to the next level.

What it’s about: Every entrepreneur has different strategies that they’ve found to be effective. In Strategy Hour, Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams discuss a wide range of topics you can implement into your business methodology. However, Pumphrey and Williams aren’t the only two successful entrepreneurs you’ll hear from because they will bring numerous individuals onto their show to discuss their creative approaches to everything business.

The Accidental Creative

Listen if: You want to learn creative practices that help you stay on your game each day.

What it’s about: If you haven’t heard of Todd Henry’s The Accidental Creative before, this podcast has a large following for creative thinkers. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from various speakers, artists, and thought leaders as they share how they stay creative in work and life. Keynote individuals will share how they maintain productivity, a go-getter attitude, and an innovative mindset even when facing some of life’s most considerable obstacles.

99% Invisible

Listen if: You want to think outside the box and change your perspective.

What it’s about: Have you felt like your creative juices are dwindling? What about like you’re losing your creative spark? 99% Invisible dives into subjects and questions the average person doesn’t think about. The most incredible things happen outside of your comfort zone, and this podcast encourages you to think creatively about topics that aren’t related to your current project. If you’re looking for a brain break and a way to reignite your creativity, these talented speakers will help.

Creative Warriors

Listen if: You need help developing creative business solutions and strategies.

What it’s about: Being a creative warrior requires a toolbox, and the Creative Warriors podcast discusses various topics that will help you achieve this mindset. Whether hearing from like-minded creatives, exploring the benefits of a positive attitude, how to build meaningful relationships with customers, or learning new strategies for marketing and branding, this podcast offers a little bit of everything for creatives alike.

There’s No Time Like Today

Whether you’ve been feeling unmotivated, like you’re hitting a wall, or aren’t on your “a-game,” podcasts are an excellent tool to stay motivated and inspired while you’re on the go. The podcasts mentioned above will help you stay on track, overcome hurdles, and be the strong entrepreneur you’ve been yearning to be. Owning a business takes work, and there are entrepreneurs that struggle with these obstacles just like you. If you’re ready to take charge, meet your goals, and never look back, there’s no time like today.



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