3 Habits of the Happiest and Most Productive People with Rick Heyland


Did you know that those living with purpose are 32% happier? Did you know that the happiest and most productive people share the same 3 habits? And did you know that asking yourself 7 questions can help you uncover your life’s purpose?

These were all topics I discussed with my special guest in today’s episode: Rick Heyland. Rick is the founder of Continuous Improvement 4 Life, a consulting practice dedicated to help people and organizations find purpose and live with purpose to achieve extraordinary results. He has been consulting for almost 35 years and is a published author, public speaker, podcast host and professional coach. 

Together we deep dive into key points from his book “Live Your Purpose” a step-by-step guide to setting up and managing your best life. We discuss the importance of living with purpose, and how that contributes to your overall happiness, what the happiest and most productive people have in common, how to bounce back after a major setback, and Rick’s secret weapon to productivity. 

I hope you enjoy this one as much I did!



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