Boost Energy Levels No Matter How Long Your Workday Is with Kate Hutson


You’ve worked an 8+ hour day, you are answering your last email, you are starving, your eyes are strained, and you can’t wait to sit down and just do nothing. There’s no food in the house so you just feel like ordering a pizza and watching your favorite mind-numbing TV show. Sound familiar? Yup, been there.

So how can we maintain a better control of our energy levels so that when our workday ends we aren’t absolutely drained? Better yet, can we leave the office full of energy and ready to spend time with our families and friends, do fun activities, and actually feel good while doing it? Kate Hutson sure believes so and that’s one of her speaking topics as an executive life coach and speaker who helps women develop courage and leadership skills.

Kate joins me in this special guest episode where we deep dive on the 4 tips she shares for leaving the office bursting with energy. I promise you, this is a good one! 

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